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About Us

What's Lime?

"Arts in Health through innovation and creativity"

Lime develops, co-ordinates and delivers a wide range of creative projects within healthcare. The aim is to show how the arts can play an important part in enhancing quality of life and quality of care.


Lime is an award-winning arts charity within the Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

We work to:

Improve Health Care Environments- Through working with architects and commissioners, staff and patient groups adding new dimensions to public spaces and clinical settings.

Show how the arts can play an important role in public health - exploring issues through different creative languages to find new solutions to health inequalities and health promotion.

Engage with Communities - delivering projects that connect, involve and consult with local people, hospital populations, schools, student groups, voluntary sector agencies, other cultural organisations.

Research and share information - a number of Lime projects are research focussed or academically evaluated (links with Universities in Manchester). We also work through conferences and training to advocate arts in health.

Having Fun - it is essential for our well being and health and professional development to be happy. Exploring ideas with artists can be deep and expressive but can also be great fun. It's good for the mind to think out of the box.

Lime passionately believes that everyone is creative and that creativity has a powerful role to play in self determination, well being and the health of society.

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Lime, like all great enterprises, succeeds through hard work, good people, lashings of tea and the odd biscuit.

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