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The built environment affects us all in subtle and often intangible ways. Creative projects designed to improve or enhance environments through involving staff and patient groups give people a voice in how a place looks and feels and provide a greater sense of ownership.

Blackburn Primary Care Centre

Project Manager(s): Rob Vale
Project Artist(s): Rob Vale, Sam and Will Boex, Emily Campbell, Lucy
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Blackburn Health Centre LIFT Scheme

This was a very ambitious large scale art and architecture integrated project led by Lime artist and project manager Rob Vale in partnership with architects the Eric Wright Partnership . In 2009 scheme was outlined to the new Blackburn LIFT building for NHS Blackburn with Darwen Teaching Care Trust Plus

The strategic priorities were:

To create a local identity for each space through considered contemporary arts integration

To develop strong patient and public involvement in the building through creative activity

To enhance way-finding within the buildings

To be a model of best practice for arts and health

To contribute to the provision of good design in new builds

To facilitate the arts integration, an arts steering group was formed comprising members of the PCT Capital team, Eric Wright Partnership, Lime, Blue Sky Architects, services moving into the new facility (dental, GP practices, community health services) and community representation through the Local Involvement Network. Through this group the process of devising a scheme of artwork through the building was developed.

Areas and artists: Young Person's Resource Centre and Courtyard postcard bench - Sam and Will Boex, Main Entrance - Emily Campbell, Stair cores - Lucy Hall, Waiting Areas - Kirsty Brooks

The artists worked with a wide range of community participants creating colourful calm spaces, a sense of identity and personal space, modular moveable elements, and contemporary surroundings marrying contemporary artistic practice with clinical and social needs. Participants explored themes of health, wellbeing, healing and light, Blackburn's history and hidden delights and community aspirations for the future. They shared their favourite places in the area and expressed a desire to see bright energetic colours and forms, reflecting nature and the light around sunset and sunrise.

Creative workshops took place at Blackburn Library, GP's surgeries, Blackburn Museum, Blackburn College the Little Harwood Sure Start Centre, and a series of workshops with Age Concern. These allowed as many voices to be heard and participants to be involved in the work.

As well as the major art installations a series of changeable display areas were planned for inclusion in the building, to allow for materials developed through the workshop activity to be displayed, and to potentially continue the links to the many groups, colleges and organisations we have engaged with, allowing future artwork to be displayed temporarily. Information panels on all of the arts activity will also be created to be positioned in proximity to the works.

The project has been very well received by one and all and carries a great legacy of community involvement and ownership, professionally made artworks and integration with the design of the building and the services it delivers through the NHS.

Anyone Who Has a Heart

An interactive light sculpture
Project Manager(s): Brian Chapman
Project Artist(s): Andrew Small & Steve Almond
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'Anyone Who Has A Heart' by Andrew Small & Steven Almond from Adam Bradley on Vimeo.

This magnificent interactive light sculpture is called 'Anyone Who Has a Heart'. It was created by Andrew Small and Steve Almond in collaboration with Lime who were commissioned by the new Royal Manchester Childrens' Hospital (RMCH). The sculpture is located at the main entrance to the RMCH. All funding for this project was sourced through charitable funds.

Conceived of as the 'heart and lungs' of the hospital 'Anyone who Has a Heart' is a light sculpture that monitors and displays your heart rate with a red pulsating light when you interact with it using the steel hand held grips. Walking around the sculpture triggers sensors that change the light colour display and sequence patterns. The piece can also tell the time and for five minutes of every hour it turns into a clock. Textblue technology also sends an information text to mobile phones of passers by within a 30m radius alerting them to its presence and inviting them to come over and interact with it.


New Hospitals Arts Programme

Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Project Manager(s): Brian Chapman, PFI Project Office
Project Artist(s): Various
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This state of the art hospital development will provide cutting edge medical care for the people of Manchester and the North West. Our vision is to compliment that care with high quality art and design. By 2010 there will be four new hospitals on the Central Manchester site, a new Children's hospital, an Eye Hospital, a hospital for Adults and a hospital for Women.

The Arts Programme creates an inspiring and engaging hospital environment sensitive to patient needs and their care. It offers opportunities to embrace Manchester's creative talent and connect with nationally respected artists enhancing the cultural map of the city.

10 major art commissions enhance the New Hospitals spaces using a range of media including glass, sculpture, large scale design, landscape, photography, vinyl and moving image. One commission in the Eye hospital is a tactile work.

Further landscape work and a major iconic art work will be installed by mid 2010.

Artists: Andy Plant, Brian Chapman, Celia Frank, Christian Ryan, Fergus Chanon, Jake Pegg, Jane Parker, Lauren Sager, Liquid Digital, Malcolm Glover, Ray Smith, Richard, Sharples, Sharon Campbell, Simon Edwards

Play the video below to see the beautiful 'Glass Pool' by Andy Plant installed in one of the courtyards at the Manchester Adult's Hospital. Gently rocking plates of blue glass shimmer to give the appearance of a pool of water. Every few minutes fish appear between the glass squares follow by a ripple.

Children's hospital entrance womens lift Fish Fish
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